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PST files in Microsoft Outlook

How to create a PST files and use quick steps in Microsoft Outlook


The tutorial explains how to create PST files in Microsoft Outlook and how to add folders to the PST file to help manage Inbox storage issues. This video also explains how to use the Quick steps feature to move emails into folders automatically in Microsoft Outlook. Online courses at


Some companies restrict the use of PST files in Microsoft Outlook because of security issues. It should not be a problem if the PST files are stored on a secure network drive and not on the C drive. The benefits far out weigh the costs in my view. You have the ability to manage your email content and section it off into folders and even other PST files if required. I use about four or five PST files in my own Outlook, I have nothing in my Inbox at all. I do not tend to use folders attached to my inbox anymore, I just use PST files and the Quick step tool to move emails into them.


You can add archive settings to each PST file in the same way as you can any folder or mailbox in Outlook. You can also add a password to PST files to stop others adding them to their Outlook without permission and gaining access to your emails.

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The Microsoft Outlook course is a one day course which covers all the main elements in Outlook, such as calendar appointments, email sending receiving and managing, tasks, shared tasks, folder options and formatting views. Full details are shown on the via the above link.

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