Microsoft Courses

Microsoft courses are modular most having three parts.

To help you to identify your skill level, we have created a spreadsheet for you to use.  Simply open the spreadsheet, select the tab that relates to the course you want to attend and complete the assessment.  Or if you would prefer, simply call one of the team on 01670 732139 to discuss your needs.

If you wish to complete an online course check out . Classroom based course details can be found here. All Microsoft courses can be tailored to suit your requirements, free after course support is provide to all delegates via email or video.

Microsoft Course overview

The Microsoft courses we delivery is broken down in to three parts, Introduction, Intermediate and advanced levels. Some courses have only one level but may take more than one day. All courses can be customised to best fit your requirements, the layouts are guides only.

Microsoft Courses covered

  • Microsoft Excel
    • Introduction – Intermediate – Advanced
  • Microsoft Access
    • Introduction – Intermediate – Advanced
  • Microsoft Word
    • Introduction – Intermediate – Advanced
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Introduction – Advanced
  • Microsoft Outlook
    • Overview
  • Microsoft Visio
    • Overview
  • Microsoft Project
    • Overview one or two days
  • Microsoft Publisher
    • Overview


We can provide up to ten laptops onsite if required. Training materials are provide as electronic books.

Find Out More To find out more, discuss your needs or book a place, call 01670 732139 / e-mail