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Microsoft Visio Basics | Getting started

Microsoft Visio Basics

This Microsoft Visio basics video explains how to get going with Microsoft Visio Basics. A quick look at shape features, organisational chart basics, timeline useage and stencil creation.

Microsoft Visio Basics

Having an understanding of how shapes interact is fundamental to working with Microsoft Visio. Shape connections are usually set by shape to shape or point to point or a combination of both.

Grouping shapes and moving the text block around a shape are tools that will enhance any drawing or diagram.

Organisation Shapes

Visio has some great and very quick to use tools to enable very complicated organisational charts to be created. The synchronised copy feature facilitates drill down into detailed structures from the front screen, creating a pyramid structure common to most orgainsations.

Company images can be added to each shape to help identify individuals and personalise the chart.


Using the timeline feature, which is part of the project scheduling groups of diagrams, provides a visual representation of a project, which is both simple to create and detailed enough to manage and display project time phased tasks.

Microsotf Visio Basics – Stencils

Microsoft Visio is full of Stencils, which are pre built and offer a wide range of shapes to use. However, you can create your own stencil and save your favourite shapes to it. It is good practice to have several stencils available to use with different templates.

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