Microsoft Project from start to finish

This tutorial explains how to link up a task list in Microsoft Project, how to add resources in Microsoft Project, how to save a baseline in Microsoft Project and how to run and create reports in Microsoft Project.

The video starts off by creating Finish to Start links then explains the three other types of links and how to add lead and lag time. The tutorial then focuses on creating a resource list and explaining the three types of resource. Once the list is complete the video demonstrates how to add resources and how to show consumables such as paper being used per hour. In the next step the tutorial goes through how to save a baseline and update tasks through the Tracking Gantt View. Several additional columns are added to the tracking table and then the use of actual durations is explained opposed to the % complete option. During the tracking process basic reports are shown and then custom reports are created and developed. I hope you enjoy, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Other resources are at ITsEasyTraining1st our YouTube channel.