Mail Merge

Merge to a letter

These videos explain how to create a mail merge document in Microsoft Word. There are three videos in total, a basic example of a mail merge using letters, envelopes and labels. This video is followed by an advanced mail merge example. In the second video you will learn how to use some of the more advanced features, such as IF Then Else, Fill In and Next record IF. The last video explain how to create a mail merge into separate documents. The last example combines mail merge with the Master document feature in Word.

Merge to a document

When you merge normally, you either select the printer, email or a edit in Document, however when you want to merge to separate documents you must fist use a heading style for the persons name, if you are using a letter. save the document as Master. Then before you complete the merge, select the View tab and the Outline view. Once you are in the Outline View, select the show document from the Master document group and then click create. Word will separate each document. When you complete the merge, Word will produce a file for each letter, you can see the files in Windows explorer.

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