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Are scripted courses coming to an end?

I have often wondered why so much effort is put into the aims and objectives of a training sessions, or what you will learn statements.  In my experience it is very difficult to decide what someone else will learn in a set period of time.  Some people will achieve everything listed in the objectives and go away happy and fulfilled but others will not.  I have experienced trainers putting a slide on the screen with a list of topics to be covered during the session and at the end of the day they put the same slide up again and actually believe that people have learnt everything that they have covered.  It is just pie in the sky thinking.

People need to practise, play, understand and most importantly how it applies to them.  We all learn in different ways and at differing speeds.  Scripted courses quite often are not fit for purpose, often too generic and vague.  Who knows what people should learn or what people need to know or don’t need to know to improve their job, or increase output.  I admit that if someone is on a basic course, the fundamentals must be taught first but after that it is about linking the delivery to the job requirements through discussions and assessment of each individual, either on the day or prior. Obviously some people may not know the potential of a product and therefore would not be able to request a particular skill set but where they do know the capability, surely the best way is to script the session first thing and tailor it ad hoc as the day flows.

I would be interested in any feedback.