Access Reports

This video below explains how to create Access reports. The tutorial is a part seven of a series. If you are interested in completing a Microsoft Access classroom based courses, details can be found by clicking here. If you would like an online course click here

Access reports in design mode

There are several ways to create an Access report, the temptation is to use one of the automated options but in my experience that may be unwise. The wizard often creates a report with truncated text and field boxes, you will have go into design to fix this issue.

Using report design as your first option enables you to get a better understanding on how reports in Microsoft Access work. You first attach the table or query required then add the grouping options if any. You can start to add your fields and position them as required. It may take a little bit longer to finish but once you have, the end product will be far better.

Print Preview

In Microsoft Access report design mode you can select how you want your records to be displayed. They can be shown altogether as the wizard creates or you could select the one record per page option. First select the details bar in design mode, then right click into properties. Once in properties, select force page break after section.