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Microsoft Access courses are delivered in two formats, classroom based and online based.  If you wish to complete an online course check out . Classroom based course details can be found here.

You can assess your knowledge levels by completing the Excel document here Check Skill Level Once you have completed the document email to You can book courses via email or by calling 01670 732139.

Prices and location can be found here General information about IT’s Easy Training and delivery methods can be found here

Update Queries

This video explains how to create an update query and how to qualify the query with a filtered field. The tutorial mentions that an update query does not display the result of the query, as is the case with a basic select query. An update query carries out the request and changes the data in the underlying table. It is very important that users understand that an update query can be dangerous if clicked and ran without understanding what will happen. Each time the query runs the data may be changed.

The example shown uses the parameter query feature to demonstrate the best way to create a flexible query. The parameter query uses the small square bracket symbols displayed on the keyboard to provide space for a data entry prompt. [Enter the city] for example.

Calculations in a query

The video explains how to create a calculation at query level. The example shown is a simple divide and multiplication calculation. This information is covered on the intermediate and advanced Access courses. Details can be found here.

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“Steve delivered a number of Microsoft Office Training Sessions to a range of employees across Newcastle College. The service provided by Steve is second to none. I have no hesitations in recommending him to other employers.”

Christine Jackman
Learning Manager(North) - Winner of Training Programme of the Year NECCA

“The course was really thorough and Steve was very knowledgeable and explained things very well. I’ve not used Microsoft Project before but now I feel very confident that I’ll be able to use it for what I need to do in my job”.

Craig Forster
Estimator, John F Hunt Regeneration Ltd

“Steve’s background in IT training clearly provided him with great organisational and managerial skills which he put to good use at Second Chance Enterprises. His ability to see the long term strategy as well as manage the day to day management is one of his biggest strengths.”

Chriss Graham
Project Coordinator at Daisy Group

“I studied with Steve when we completed our CiPD CTP together. During the course I found Steve to be very personable and also very professional.  Steve was first on my list of suppliers. Steve was very competitively priced and very accommodating.”

Simon Snowdon
European Training Manager at HP Enterprise Services