Publisher Training

Microsoft Publisher training is a one day session covering several template options. Users will use a blank document to learn how all the elements shown in the templates work together.

Publisher training is available as a tailored package if required. Check what level is best for you by using our Check Skill Level.

Venue & Duration: Newcastle Training Room. 1 Day Duration. Free sandwich lunch is provided and parking is available.

Costs: Between £125 for a group book and £250 for a single delegate. Enquire about One to One prices.

Objectives: Microsoft Publisher allows users to create a range of items such as business cards, flyers, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, booklets… the list goes on. However, most users fail to use the full range of design features available in Publisher, which can help produce professional-standard publications in-house. Attend our one-day Publisher training course to unlock your potential and learn how to take your skills to a new level…

Benefits: We help users of Microsoft Publisher to learn and develop their skills with our range of Publisher Training courses. This helps people to be more productive in the workplace when using Publisher and increase their confidence in the range of features available in Publisher which lead to more professional and creative documents being produced. We offer a comprehensive course suitable for all skills levels and we can also customised training to suit your needs. We can help individuals who would like to attend an open course or we can provide bespoke training for a business or organisation. 1-2-1 and private tuition is also available. If you are unsure as to what format will suit your needs, simply contact us and we can find the best solution for you.

Suitable For: This course is suitable for all skill levels and will be made appropriate to attendees. The following video explains how to link text boxes in Publisher.


Part One

Learn how to use the Catalogue templates.
Learn how to create text frames, picture frame and table frames.
Learn how to link text boxes, rotate text boxes and layer text boxes.
Learn how to wrap text.

Part Two
Learn how to use the Mail Merge features in Microsoft Publisher.
Learn how to create blank documents in Microsoft Publisher.
Learn how to Print a Publisher document.
Learn how to manage text in Overflow.

Part Three
Learn how to edit and create Business Information in Microsoft Publisher.
Learn how to use the scratch pad area in Microsoft publisher.
Learn how to edit text and set layout options in a text box.
Learn how to modify a logo design.

Find Out More
To find out more, discuss your needs or book a place, call 01670 732139 / e-mail online courses available at http://www.itseasytraining1st