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Access Training Examples – Access training resources

Microsoft Access is a purpose built database package designed to store things such as client details, stock and sales transactions and much more.  Training starts with building simple databases and progresses to complex relational database management.

These Access training resources are for use as after course support and are free for all delegates.  Any additional suggestions are welcome.

This video explains how to add a photo frame on to an Access Form. The photo field type is set to text.  This method uses file paths to reference the photos.  If you are moving or sharing the database, then the path referred to may change.

This video explains how to create parameter form using Microsoft Access. The video explains how to create a parameter query then the parameter form and then how to base a report on the query.

How to create a relationship between tables in Microsoft Access.  This video explains how to link tables and use the referential integrity feature.

This video explains how to create a simple table.  The examples uses table design features and explains data type in Microsoft Access, users can also create a table from the create menu if required.  This videos follows the methodology used in IT’s Easy Training sessions.

This video explains how to use a calculated Field in Microsoft Access.  The examples uses table design.