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Visio Timeline

his tutorial explains how to create a timeline in Visio and how to add milestone and interval markers. The video explains how to move milestone around and how import data from a Microsoft Project file and finally how to send a Visio timeline in to MS Project

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Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

This tutorial explains how to create an Index slide that links to all the other slides via the hyperlinks feature in a presentation. The video also explains how to link to an external file such as Excel or Word. The tutorial covers creating hotspot areas in the slide master that allows presenters to quickly move around a presentation without the audience being aware of the movement triggers. Training at

Index Function with Match

This tutorial explains how to use the Match function to see if a number appears in a list or not. The video explains how to use the ISNA function and the IF function to display New number or Same rather than just N/A . The second part of the video demonstrates how to use the match function with the Index function to provide dynamic intersection from a data list. Match and Index work together to provide a dynamic lookup. Vlookup refers to the first column in a data set. Match and Index can refer to any column not just the first Training at

Named cells and ranges in Excel

Watch a Tutorial to explain Named cells, Ranges in Excel 2019

This tutorial explains how to create named cells and named ranges in Microsoft Excel 2019. The video covers how to create names and common mistake people make when doing so. The tutorial explains how to refer to names in formulae and how named ranges work. Named ranges can be used across sheets and named cells can be used anywhere in a workbook. Users are shown how easy it is to understand the formulae logic with names and named ranges. The name manager is shown to repoint a named cell or delete a named cell.

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Microsoft Project from start to finish

This tutorial explains how to link up a task list in Microsoft Project, how to add resources in Microsoft Project, how to save a baseline in Microsoft Project and how to run and create reports in Microsoft Project.

The video starts off by creating Finish to Start links then explains the three other types of links and how to add lead and lag time. The tutorial then focuses on creating a resource list and explaining the three types of resource. Once the list is complete the video demonstrates how to add resources and how to show consumables such as paper being used per hour. In the next step the tutorial goes through how to save a baseline and update tasks through the Tracking Gantt View. Several additional columns are added to the tracking table and then the use of actual durations is explained opposed to the % complete option. During the tracking process basic reports are shown and then custom reports are created and developed. I hope you enjoy, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Visio Flowcharts

Flowchart in Visio

This video explains how to create a simple flowchart in Microsoft Visio. The tutorial explains how to add shapes and how to connect shapes. The video also shows how to use the connector tool to add additional connecting lines. How to add text to a connector line. How to use the off page reference shape. The video explains how to define shape data if you require more fields in the Shape Data option. Training at