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Microsoft Project Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Project tips and tricks, this video explains how to use the Paste Special feature in Microsoft Project to link data in to an Excel file. The tutorial also explains how to create a master project files using the Sub Project button and the Paste Special option. An explanation of how to link tasks between projects is also given. Online courses at

Using the paste special feature enable users to send Microsoft Project files to Excel users and update them live so people without the Microsoft Project software can still be involved. Check out other videos on YouTube

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Custom Fields

This video explains how to create custom fields in Microsoft Project. The tutorial covers creating lookup fields, IIF functions and DateDiff functions. The video also explains how to use the graphical indicators and save a modified Gantt chart view table as a new table.

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This video explains how to save a baseline, how to run reports and design your own custom reports in Microsoft Project. The tutorial shows how to insert columns change the default tracking table and update tasks using the tracking table. The video demonstrates how to view different baselines and select other baseline views. Online courses at

Network Diagram

This tutorial explains how to use the Network view, the task usage view, resources usage view, how to create a work contour and how to create you own view in Microsoft Project. The video also explains the Team Planner and the Timeline views. Online courses at