Adding resources

This video explains how to create a resource list in Microsoft Project using the resource sheet and how to add resources to tasks using the assign resource feature. The tutorial also explains how to edit resource information by changing the Cost table settings, the Working time settings and how to embed documentation such as Word or Excel files.

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This MS Project tutorial explains how to link tasks in Microsoft Project and the four task types. The video explain how to add lead time and lag time and how to split tasks. Towards the end of the tutorial task constraints and deadlines are covered. Training at Online courses at

MS Project Gantt charts

This tutorial explains how to create a task list in MS Project and format the Gantt chart, timeline and calendar. The video also explains how to add project fields to the print output and embed documents into tasks.

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Excel Intermediate course

This tutorial overview explains what is covered on the Intermediate Excel course at or (online courses). The video demonstrates the use of Names and Named ranges in Excel, how to use Conditional formatting in Excel. How CountIf and Subtotals can be used. The video also explains the IF function and Vlookup. A large part of the tutorial focuses on Pivot tables, timeline, charts and slicers, including calculations. The final part is the use of the SumIF function and charts to produce a dynamic chart.

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SumIF charts

This tutorial explains how to create a chart on two axis and how to create a Dial chart and a Waterfall chart and a column chart that has the SumIF function and the date function driving the data.

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Visio Timeline

his tutorial explains how to create a timeline in Visio and how to add milestone and interval markers. The video explains how to move milestone around and how import data from a Microsoft Project file and finally how to send a Visio timeline in to MS Project

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