Excel Training Resources

Excel training resources

These videos are to help delegates confirm their learning, feel free to email steve@itseasy.co.uk to make a suggestion.

How to select the last item in a list

How to create a Bell curve with a mean line

How to create a simple Histogram

How to convert pounds to stones and pounds

How to use the SumIFs function

How to use Text functions such as Search, Len and Right

Vlookup with the Rows function

Excel Training Videos basic tables

Linking Sheets

This Excel training course video explains how to use Conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel.  The topic is covered on the Intermediate Excel course.

This Excel training course video explains how to set two axises in a Microsoft Excel chart.

Formatting Charts

Using the Vlookup Function

How to use Pivot Tables

Using a basic IF statement

Using Auto Filter

Using Basic Functions

Basic Table

Absolute Referencing